Speechi: France’s leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale touch screen whiteboards

Looking to source wholesale touch screen whiteboards for your business? Speechi is France’s number 1 trusted provider, manufacturer, and supplier of wholesale touch screen whiteboards. Read on to find out how they can help you, too.

With interactive whiteboards shaping the future of collaborative working as we know it, there is no doubt that providing them as a reseller can be a fruitful, lucrative business.

However, in a global tech landscape saturated with innovation and talent, it can be difficult to decide on which manufacturers and suppliers are best for wholesale touch screen whiteboards.

With over 15 years of experience installing touch screen whiteboards everywhere, from school classrooms to company meeting rooms, here is why we should be your go-to supplier.

Cutting-edge technology for manufacture and supply

Cutting-edge technology for manufacturer and supply

As a manufacturer, Speechi carefully selects state-of-the-art hardware components to manufacture its touch screen whiteboards.

Our screen displays are ultra-responsive, and selected models have integrated zero bonding technology to deliver the ultimate user experience. Drawing and writing on our screens can feel as natural as using a pencil and graph paper.

High durability for touch screen whiteboards

High durability &  touch screen whiteboards supplier

No matter where customers choose to install their smart whiteboards, we know that accidents can happen – which is why our technology is built to last.

We use aluminium for our components wherever possible, to ensure that our touch screen whiteboards are both durable and lightweight.

With a range of different screen supports to choose from, you can also provide your customers with a variety of mounting options.

Competitive pricing as a wholesale touch screen whiteboard manufacturer

If you have already browsed our website, you may have noticed that product prices are not listed on our website. The order process involves reaching out to our expert teams, who will provide you with valuable guidance and a tailor-made price quotation.

When it comes to wholesale orders and pricing, we will make every effort to ensure you get the most competitive price on the market for your goods.

Android 11 and Windows interfaces for touch screen whiteboards

Depending on which wholesale touch screen whiteboard models you choose to order, you can opt for Android 11 or Windows interfaces. With these easy-to-use, intuitive options, your customers will quickly pick up the ins and outs of using their interactive whiteboards.

Since these are popular operating systems, your customers will also find that their smart whiteboard is compatible with all the tools they know and love.

4K Ultra High Definition screen resolution for all touch screen whiteboards

At Speechi, we believe in only offering the very best technology – which is why all of our touch screen whiteboards are equipped with 4K UHD displays.

Your customers will always get stunning colours, lifelike detail and optimal impact for audiences when they use their interactive displays. Don’t settle for less. Opt for Speechi.

World-class experience and support as a wholesale manufacturer and supplier

World-class experience and support as a wholesale manufacturer and supplier

Speechi has installed touch screen whiteboards in over 150,000 schools, meeting rooms and other spaces – so it can provide unrivalled recommendations to its customers, whether they are vendors or end-users.

By getting in touch with our teams, we can provide you with expert advice on which touch screen whiteboards might be best for your target customer base.

Touch screen whiteboard showrooms in Paris and Lille

Want to see our products in-person before making an order?

You are more than welcome to come and visit our French showrooms in Paris and Lille, where you will also meet expert sales advisors who are happy to help.