Identifying the best electronic white board manufacturer and supplier

Whether you are looking to buy an electronic white board for your own use or purchase them wholesale as a reseller, it is important to decide on the best electronic whiteboard manufacturer and supplier for your needs.

Today’s tech landscape is thriving more than ever, with innovative products being designed by household names and new startups alike – and electronic white boards are part of this trend. While this level of market evolution and disruption is healthy in the long term, it can be increasingly challenging for customers to identify the best manufacturers and suppliers.

This article will explore the importance of finding the best electronic white board manufacturer and supplier, and explain what Speechi can offer as a provider.

Why finding the best electronic white board manufacturer and supplier is important

Why finding the best electronic white board manufacturer and supplier is important

First and foremost, it is vital to acknowledge that depending on your budget and the setup you require, an electronic white board is often a costly investment. Of course, the goal is to see a return on that investment through increased productivity, lower corporate travel costs, or higher achievement rates for educational institutions. However, ordering your equipment from a less than reputable supplier can result in even greater costs.

For example, a business may purchase an electronic white board from a supplier that offers high-quality products, but does not provide its customers with any guidance or advice. When the white board is delivered, it may end up being too small or too large for its intended space, which can trigger a time-consuming returns process. The company would then need to purchase temporary solutions while they identify and order the right screen-size for their room.

Some suppliers may also cut corners on aspects of the manufacturing process, quality assurance, and the sourcing of hardware components to increase their profit margins. This can have particularly serious and costly consequences for end-users.

After all, how can an electronic white board offer long-term benefits if it freezes and lags while in use, or its built-in camera shows signs of being faulty after just a few months? Unfortunately, many customers are caught off-guard with hardware issues, as they sometimes take a while to reveal themselves – but lower-quality firmware and software can also cause many problems.

For example, a non-standard operating system or user interface can effectively render an electronic white board useless, if it proves to be incompatible with the tools and applications that the customer intends to use.

It can be easy to get lost in fine print, but as a customer, it is vital to ensure that your manufacturer or supplier offers fair guarantees and support for its products.

For example, it can be costly and challenging to source a contracting company that can perform repairs on an electronic white board, especially if it has a non-standard design. A lack of guarantees can, arguably, prove to be an even more costly risk, as customers may find that their supplier offers absolutely no cover for their electronic white board in the event of an irreparable failure.

Luckily, customer-centric companies like Speechi exist as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of electronic white boards. Read on to discover the benefits of opting for our products.

Speechi – France’s leading electronic white board manufacturer and supplier

Speechi – France’s leading electronic white board manufacturer and supplier

With nearly two decades of industry expertise in the manufacture and supply of electronic white boards, we have equipped over 150,000 meeting rooms, classrooms and public spaces with our world-class products. We take great pride in ensuring that each and every one of our customers gets the very best electronic white board setup for their needs.

Tailor-made advice and pricing

You may have noticed that we do not have set prices listed on our product pages. This is because we want to engage in a dialogue with our customers from the very beginning of their buyer journey, and understand their specific use-case and budget.

This way, our expert teams can share tailor-made advice, recommendations and pricing quotes that enable the customer to make an informed purchasing decision.

State-of-the-art components

For the design and manufacturing of our electronic white boards, we carefully select the highest quality hardware components on the market.

Speechi manufacturer and supplier

Our electronic white boards also run on Android and Windows user interfaces – so no matter how tech-savvy you are, our devices are intuitive and easy-to-use. They are also compatible with all of the most popular software applications and tools. Whether you want to use your electronic white board with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack or PowerPoint, you will not need to worry about whether your device will support them.

Durable, lightweight products

All of our electronic white boards go through rigorous quality testing, to ensure that they are durable and robust. We also integrate aluminium components into our products wherever possible, to make them as lightweight and mobile as possible.

Trusted support and guarantees

We offer fantastic guarantees for our products, with electronic white boards covered on-site for 3 years. Customers can also request guarantee extensions – so no matter what happens, your white board is covered. We also take care of assembly and disassembly for your screens – so once we have finished setting up, you can get started using your white board straight away.