Wholesale digital whiteboards – identifying the best supplier and manufacture

If you intend to buy wholesale digital whiteboards and sell them on as a reseller, it is important to research potential suppliers and manufacturers beforehand. This way, you can ensure that you are getting the very best technology for the best price.

With digital whiteboards being designed and manufactured by both established tech companies and emerging startups, today’s tech landscape is more vibrant than ever.

This level of disruption and competition is certainly healthy for the market, but on the other hand, it can be very difficult for resellers and vendors to gauge which suppliers and manufacturers are best for them.

This article will highlight what you should look for in a wholesale digital whiteboard supplier and manufacturer, and explain why Speechi may be the best choice for you.

The importance of finding the right wholesale digital whiteboard supplier and manufacturer

The importance of finding the right wholesale digital whiteboard supplier and manufacturer

As a reseller, it is vital to recognise that your choice of wholesale digital whiteboard supplier could end up determining whether your company will sink or swim. If you don’t get state-of-the-art technology at a competitive price on the market, this will, in turn, mean that you would need to push your prices above the market standard.

On top of losing your competitive edge, you may also find that your company’s profit margins are minimised.

It is worth noting that alongside great market diversity comes a great deal of variation in the quality of available products. Depending on the manufacturer or supplier you opt for, you may find that they attempt to increase their own profit margins by sourcing cheap, lower-quality hardware components for their products. This can have a particularly serious knock-on effect for you as a reseller business.

For example, your customers are highly likely to send complaints, return products, and demand refunds if their digital whiteboards show signs of being faulty.

Even though you are not responsible for these shortfalls as a reseller business, customers may submit negative reviews on your store’s online page – which could harm your reputation as a result.

Compromises in terms of firmware and software can also cause a fair share of issues.

For example, a non-standard operating system or user interface can make a digital whiteboard virtually unusable if it proves to be incompatible with the software that the customer wants to use.

When sourcing wholesale digital whiteboards as a reseller, it is strongly advisable to check that your products are covered by sufficient guarantees and warrantees.

upplier & Manufacturer whiteboards

For both resellers and end-users, it can be both costly and challenging to source a contracting company able to perform repairs on a digital whiteboard with a non-standard design.

This issue can prove to especially costly if the supplier offers no cover for digital whiteboards in the event of irreparable failure.

At Speechi, we work hard to tackle all of these issues as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of digital whiteboards.

Speechi – France’s number 1 digital whiteboard manufacturer and supplier

With over 15 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and supplying digital whiteboards, we have installed our world-class products in over 150,000 meeting rooms, classrooms and public spaces. Our goal is to deliver top-quality technology at competitive prices, and ensure that our customers get the support they need, every step of the way.

Custom recommendations and pricing quotes

We do not list product prices on our website. Instead, we request for web users to contact us. This is because we want to familiarise ourselves with each customer’s use-case and budget, right from the very beginning of their buyer journey.

Speechi – France’s number 1 digital whiteboard supplier

With this approach, our expert teams can provide customers with tailor-made recommendations, advice, and pricing quotes that enable the customer to make an informed purchasing decision. This ensures that everyone gets exactly what they need – no more, no less.

World-class, durable hardware

We carefully select the highest quality hardware components on the market for the design and manufacture of our digital whiteboards. This means end-users can enjoy the power of responsive screens, precise accuracy, and frictionless day-to-day usage.

We also equip our digital whiteboards with the two most popular user interfaces on the market: Android and Windows. Firstly, this means that our interactive screens are intuitive and easy-to-use for people of all ages and levels of tech knowledge.

Secondly, no matter what software your customers would like to use, the operating system will be compatible with it.

Finally, as part of the manufacturing process, we rigorously quality-test all of our digital whiteboards to ensure that they’re durable and robust.

We also integrate aluminium components into our products wherever possible, so that they are as lightweight and transportable as possible.


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