Choosing the best smart whiteboard for your office, enterprise and business

Harness the power of smart whiteboard technology for your office areas, enterprise space, and business meetings.

With emerging technologies rapidly changing the way we work, communicate and collaborate, companies must stay ahead of the curve to ensure success. Around a decade ago or more, smart whiteboards were regarded as a rare perk rather than a ubiquitous piece of equipment.

However, with quick developments in cloud technology, the aftermath of a pandemic, and the wide adoption of remote working, they are now a staple everywhere.

However, with so many options on the market, deciding on the right brand and model for your needs can be a challenge. Read on to find out what you should consider when choosing the best smart whiteboard for your use case.

Why to use a smart whiteboard in your office, enterprise or business

 Why to use a smart whiteboard in your office, enterprise or business

Optimal focus and engagement

If we compare the experience of using a smart whiteboard in meetings with the use of standard whiteboards or lofty PowerPoint presentations on a projector, it is easy to see why traditional equipment simply pales in comparison. With eye-catching 4K UHD displays, colourful presentations and multimedia capabilities, teams will be captivated by the content you choose to share with them.

Seamless collaboration

Bridge gaps between teams across the globe with brainstorming and mind-mapping sessions that they can contribute to in real-time from their own devices. With the ability to move objects around the screen, create notes, add annotations and draw visuals in just a few taps, you can ensure that every idea is noted down.

Compatibility with popular tools

Speechi smart whiteboards are based on Android and Windows user interfaces, so you can use them with all the tools you know and love. Whether you want to make videoconferencing calls via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, share a PowerPoint presentation, or play a video via your preferred web browser, virtually anything is possible.

How to choose the best smart whiteboard for your office, enterprise and business

Smart Whiteboard for office

When it comes to selecting the best smart whiteboard for your use-case, the first factor you should consider is what screen size you will need. To establish this, it is important to determine the scale of the space in which you intend to set up your smart whiteboard.

For example, will you be setting it up in a huddle space, an average-sized meeting room, or a large board room? The larger the space, the larger the screen size you will require for it.

Secondly, it worth thinking about how you intend to use it, as this will reveal which features you should look out for. For example, do you intend to use your smart whiteboard for creating detailed diagrams or hand-drawn illustrations? If so, then it is worth looking out for screens with zero bonding features, like our SuperGlass2+ models.

You can then ensure that your writing and drawing experience is as natural as a pencil on graph paper.

Otherwise, are you looking to hold videoconferencing calls with dozens of participants scattered across the globe? If you expect to hold frequent video calls with many attendees, then it would be wise to invest in an interactive whiteboard model that offers the power of a Windows user interface.

Finally, we would recommend carefully checking the technical specifications for your smart whiteboard, because you may want to supplement your setup with additional accessories and hardware. For example, wireless microphones are an excellent addition if you intend to use your smart whiteboard for dynamic business presentations, or corporate training sessions.

If your use-case mainly involves video calls in a large space, you may want to equip your office meeting room with an omnidirectional microphone or auto-tracking webcam, to ensure that everyone in the room is seen and heard.

Further support choosing the best smart whiteboard for your office or business

Best Smart White boards for Business

Still feeling a bit lost? At Speechi, we want to make sure that our customers get exactly the right product for their needs – which is why our expert teams are on-hand to provide recommendations, guidance, and a custom pricing quote for your setup.

Get in touch with our agents today via email or telephone, or visit our French showrooms in Paris and Lille to view our smart whiteboards in person.


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