How much is a smart white board? Three factors to consider surrounding cost and price

From education to retail and business, smart technology has revolutionised the ways we live, learn, and work.

In this context, smart white boards have quickly emerged as a game-changer for public spaces, classrooms, and meeting rooms alike. However, with a global recession looming over us all, it’s important to feel confident that we are spending the right amount of money on the right technology.

At Speechi, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service to all our customers, and gaining a profound understanding of their needs – which is why the prices of our smart white boards are only available on quotation.

Alongside delivering the best products for your needs, we also ensure that we deliver cutting-edge technology for the very best price. In this article, we’ll dive into three key factors that will influence the cost and price of your smart whiteboard.

Smart white board cost and price – consider the brand reputation

Smart white board cost and price – consider the brand reputation

With new and emerging tech companies popping up across the globe, it can be easy to feel struck with a case of decision paralysis when it comes to choosing the right smart white board brand for your needs and budget.

Different brands will offer varying types of features and levels of build quality – and naturally, established brands with a reputation for high quality will tend to have higher price points.

As a buyer browsing the market, it’s important to note that while a cheaper smart whiteboard may save you money in the short-term, it ends up being more costly on a long-term basis.

For example, spending £250 on an interactive screen from a less established brand may seem like a bright idea if other companies are charging double the price or more for the same specs – but if that screen breaks or is faulty, you’ll spend more money returning it and replacing it with a better-quality model.

Smart white board cost and price – consider the manufacturing

Smart white board cost and price – consider the manufacturing

When it comes to pricing, smart whiteboard vendors who have their technology manufactured externally will almost always add to the cost. After all, they are essentially outsourcing their manufacturing to a separate provider.

For this reason, if you’re working with a limited budget, it’s worth seeking out companies that manufacture their products in-house and have full control over the production line. The amount they save by opting for in-house manufacturing costs will (or at least, should) be reflected accordingly in the final retail cost.

On top of more competitive pricing, you can also remain confident that any quality issues will be identified and fixed before they ever reach customers.

Smart white board cost and price – consider the size and surface features

Smart white board cost and price – consider the size and surface features

While you’re browsing smart whiteboard options, we would strongly recommend thinking about your use-case, and what your main priorities would be as a result. This will play a part in determining the screen-size and surface features you’ll need, and ultimately influence the cost.

For example, are you looking to equip a small meeting room with a smart white board? If so, you can keep it small – and the smaller the screen size, the lower the price. However, if you’re looking to equip a large-scale board room or public space with your smart whiteboard, you’ll need more budget for a bigger screen.

Will you be using your smart white board to teach primary school children, or showcasing intricate architectural designs in a university seminar? For use in a primary school, a screen with standard fingertip-precision and infrared technology will suffice.

However, for more detail-focused use-cases like scientific diagrams, artistic practice or architectural plans, you will benefit more from ultra-high zero bonding precision and capacitive technology. While we recommend it as a worthwhile investment, it’s important to keep in mind that higher-tier technology will come with a higher price-tag.


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