Take collaboration to the next level with Mural on your digital whiteboard

By installing the Mural collaborative software platform on your Speechi digital whiteboard, you can foster seamless collaboration in your business.

It is every company’s dream to unite teams across the globe, and have them contribute equally as if they were in the same room. With the Mural platform, you can now make this dream a reality. Read on to find out what Mural is, and why it is the ultimate tool for supercharging your meetings.

What is Mural for digital whiteboards?

What is Mural for digital whiteboards? <

Since 2011, Mural has been a leading figure in providing enterprise-level visual collaboration software. Through its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, it offers a range of templates and features that transform the way employees work collaboratively across the globe. It has already propelled many enterprises towards success, as a provider trusted by 95% of the Fortune 100. With both free and paid options for their platform, you can find the right plan for you – whatever your budget is.

How Mural will complement your 65”, 75” or 86” digital whiteboard

How Mural will complement your 65”, 75” or 86” digital whiteboard

Ready-made templates

Save time on preparing presentations, workshops, workflows and brainstorming sessions with ready-to-use templates from Mural. When combined with your Speechi digital whiteboard, your teams can quickly build processes and strategies with clear, eye-catching elements that can be moved across the board.

Real-time collaboration

Working with remote colleagues and international teams? With Mural, you can provide your teams with a blank canvas that employees can contribute to in real-time, via their own devices. With the ability for everyone to contribute, you can ensure that no idea is missed.

Anonymous voting options

With the option of making contributions anonymous, you can ensure that your teams are comfortable sharing honest, transparent opinions on how to move forward – improving employee engagement as a result.

Compatibility with videoconferencing meetings

Whether you prefer to use Microsoft Teams, Webex, or Zoom in your meetings, integrate Mural into the platforms you know and love. Add this to Speechi’s Windows or Android 11 interfaces, and you have total freedom in terms of the tools you can use.

Multimedia integration

Breathe life into your presentations, and make complex ideas digestible with GIFs, videos and colourful graphs.

Why use a Speechi digital whiteboard with Mural?

Why use a Speechi digital whiteboard with Mural?

By combining Speechi’s 4K Ultra High Definition digital whiteboards with Mural’s intuitive, flexible technology, you can build a powerhouse for innovation. With high precision, zero bonding displays, your teams will get the ultimate experience drawing, writing and manipulating objects on the screen – and whatever you choose to build in Mural will be showcased in stunning detail. Speechi also offers 5 different screen sizes for digital whiteboards: 55”, 65”, 75”, 86” and 98” – so no matter how small or large your space is, you can find the right option for your use-case.

If you’re looking to work collaboratively on a tight budget, you can easily get started with Mural’s free plan – but to unlock more features, advanced user administration and support options, you can choose from their Team+, Business and Enterprise plans.

Ready to harness the power of Mural with your digital whiteboard?

For further information on Speechi digital whiteboards, and how you can empower your teams with Mural, get in touch with our expert advisors today. Our teams will share valuable advice on the best products for your budget, recommendations for software, and a custom pricing quote just for you. To learn more about Mural, visit their website.