Interactive whiteboard systems – from 55” to 105” screens

Interactive whiteboard systems are changing the world as we know it, from education to collaborative working.

With its track record for transforming spaces into dynamic, creative learning hubs, embracing smart whiteboard technology is a no-brainer – but with so many options, features and accessories to choose from, how should we get started picking the right products for an interactive whiteboard system?

Read on to find out about the options you have with Speechi digital whiteboards.

A range of smart whiteboard display sizes to choose from

A range of smart whiteboard display sizes to choose from

Speechi whiteboards come in the following five sizes: 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”, 98 and 105”.

This means that no matter where you intend to set up your interactive whiteboard system, you will find one that fits your space. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the display screen, the higher the price will be – but this may vary depending on the accompanying technology you opt for – like SuperGlass screens and antimicrobial finishes, for example.

Four brands to cover every use-case and budget

Our models are also organised under 4 distinct brands: SpeechiTouch, SuperGlass, and SpeechiTouch Pro. Below is a summary of each brand’s product offerings.

The SuperGlass brand offers high-quality, budget-friendly models for every sector – and they are especially well-suited to education and business. With 4K UHD screens, a zero-bonding finish for the ultimate writing experience, and a slot for a Windows PC available as an option, they are perfect for users getting started with smart whiteboards.

Four brands to cover every use-case and budget

SpeechiTouch screens are designed with school classrooms in mind. Users do not require any specific tech expertise to use these smart whiteboards, and they do not need to be configured in advance, so they can be mastered quickly by anyone. They have a range of programs pre-installed on them, including Iolaos – a presentation and annotation software that is perfect for teaching children.

The SuperGLass range has ultra-high precision screens that adapt to the pressure of a stylus – so it is as natural as using a pencil on paper. Each user has their own personal account. This brand is perfect for high-calibre enterprise usage.

SpeechiTouch Pro screens are equipped with Android and Windows technology, so users get the best of both worlds: the ergonomic nature of Android and the power of Windows. They come with a number of software programs pre-installed, and are specially designed for videoconferencing.

Webcams, wireless microphones and loudspeakers

Depending on your intended use-case, it may be of interest to add standalone devices to your interactive whiteboard system. For example, if you intend to hold videoconferencing meetings in a large space, it would be wise to invest in a 4K UHD camera with auto-tracking technology.

If you intend to deliver engaging, dynamic presentations, then a wireless microphone and set of loudspeakers would also be a gamechanger for your interactive whiteboard system.

Not sure where to start?

Not sure where to start?

With so many options to choose from for your interactive whiteboard system, making the right purchase choices can be an overwhelming task.

Our expert teams are on-hand to provide valuable advice, guidance and pricing quotes – so you can get exactly what you need for your interactive whiteboard system.


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