Interactive whiteboards for healthcare and waiting room (Dentist, Medical…)

Whether you are running a medical centre, GP surgery or pharmacy, your waiting room will benefit from having an interactive smart whiteboard. Read on to find out why you should equip your waiting room with one, and what you can do with it.

From distracting nervous patients to relieving boredom and advertising your products, the possibilities are endless – so below we have listed just some of the uses for an interactive whiteboard in your medical waiting room.

Smart whiteboards to share healthcare tips

Smart whiteboards to share healthcare tips

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure – and with both NHS and private services feeling the pressure of long patient waiting lists, it is more important than ever to remember this.

A smart whiteboard is a great tool for empowering customers with the knowledge to improve their own health. For example, during autumn and winter you could create and publish eye-catching, informative videos on tips for avoiding colds and flu.

If you run a dental surgery, why not have a video reminding patients to brush their teeth twice daily, along with instructions on how to floss?

Whether you’re running a pharmacy or a GP surgery, during the summer months it may be in your interest to share informative tips on staying healthy in hot weather – like carrying water around and staying in the shade, for example.

Smart whiteboards to showcase additional dental and medical services

Smart whiteboards to showcase additional dental and medical services

While your patients sit in your waiting room for appointments or medication, you can share useful information about the additional services you offer. For example, does your GP surgery or pharmacy offer seasonal flu jabs, blood pressure tests, or smoking cessation services?

If so, an interactive smart screen is the perfect way to advertise these perks, and highlight how it can help patients who take advantage of them.

If you wish to do so, you could even use your interactive whiteboard to offer an appointment form that patients can complete on the spot. Dental surgeries can also use an interactive whiteboard to advertise any cosmetic dental services they offer, such as Invisalign and teeth whitening.

Smart whiteboards to guide patients towards the right healthcare products

Smart whiteboards to guide patients towards the right healthcare products

This benefit is particularly useful for pharmacies looking to promote new products. With an interactive whiteboard, you could set up an app that displays your online product catalogue, with search functions, filters and categories. Customers can use your device to check whether certain products are in stock, order them to your store, or compare prices with similar items.

Otherwise, you could go a step further and add questionnaires. For example, by adding a quiz for customers to discover which foundation or sunscreen is best for their skin type, you are highly likely to see a surge in sales.

Smart whiteboards to boost efficiency at your medical waiting room

Are your staff and patients stressed out by long, slow queues? You can easily streamline the process for receptionists and patients are like with an interactive whiteboard in your waiting room. For example, why not set up a self-check-in app, so patients can check into their appointments by entering their date of birth or patient ID?

In addition to this, you could also set up an online booking system, so that patients can book appointment slots directly from the interactive terminal. By implementing a smart whiteboard system like this, you will end up with a smoother schedule, happier staff and happier patients.

Not sure where to start?

With so many device options and features to choose from, it is often tricky to identify which smart whiteboard is best for your patient waiting room. To remedy this, Speechi’s expert teams are available to provide tailor-made practical advice on the best interactive screen for your waiting room.

Get in touch with our agents via email or telephone, and they will provide you with guidance, recommendations, and a custom pricing quote for your setup.